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Kirbee would like to welcome you to the Little Bugs site!

The Little Bugs Club at Marlborough Mall is for kids who want to have fun. Club members have access to exclusive events, contests and get a beehive full of FREE stuff! When you sign up, you get your "Passport to Fun", which you need to bring with you to the free kids events. Stop by Customer Service on the way to the event and get a sticker in your passport. For every five stickers in your passport you get a prize.

We like to celebrate birthdays in the Little Bugs Club. Not only will you get your name in our newsletter, but you will also get a birthday gift. Make sure when you sign up you fill out all the information. You don't want to miss out.

The Little Bugs Club also has special events all year. Watch for Back to School deals, Halloween treats and... you could be the only kid on your block to have breakfast with Santa! Invitations will be e-mailed out, so make sure when you sign up to put your parents' e-mail address down.

If you have any questions about the Little Bugs Club, you can contact Marlborough Mall Customer Service at 403-272-9233



Friday 10:00am - 9:00pm

Call (403) 273-4000 (403) 273-4000

Check Holiday Hours