5 Cleaning Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

April 20, 2017


Thorough Spring cleaning can often take hours on end to complete especially when you are looking for that sparkling finish. Lucky for you, we've found 5 cleaning hacks to make Spring cleaning easier for you. The best part - you don't need to buy any extra supplies because all of our hacks include regular household items that you already have! 


Cleaning your garbage disposal: okay so the garbage disposal does all the work but what about the awful smell left behind? The hack - chop a lemon into small pieces and place them into ice cube molds. Top them up with vinegar and freeze. Every few daYs you can throw a few cubes into the disposal and run until they dissolve. This will help with a super clean and lemony fresh smell instead of the odor. 


Cleaning your sink: we really have a love hate relationship with cleaning the sink. We love the finished product, clean and sparkly, but it takes some time to really get rid of the streaks and dirty on your kitchen sink. Use half of the lemon from the previous hack and add some baking soda to it! Citrus fruits and baking soda really make a great combination when it comes to cleaning. Once yu dip the lemon into the soda use it to scrub away and then rinse the sink thoroughly. Again we've got lemony fresh and sparkly! 


Cleaning your crown moulding: if you have decorative moulding in your house, theres a high chance it is collecting dust whether you can see ir ot not. The easiest solution, wrap a cleaning towel around your broom, secure it with a band and use it to wipe away dust from hard to reach spots. 


Cleaning your mirrors: if the bathroom mirror is looking mucky, shaving foam is an easy way to clean off the residue. Just spread across (a little goes a long way) and wipe with a clean cloth to get rid of any smears! 


Cleaning blinds: Using a duster can sometimes be counter productive, especially if you haven't cleaned in a while! For this hack all you need to get rid of that dust are old socks, kitchen tongs and some white vinegar. Slide the socks onto the tongs and use a rubber band to secure them. Then create a mix of water and vinegar, dip and clean! 


Did these hacks work for you? Let us know!! Stay tuned to our next blog to learn how to keep your house tidy after the cleaning with some organization hacks! 


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