5 Must Haves for Spring Fashion Survival

April 06, 2017


Spring has finally arrived! With the exciting departure of the cold, it’s finally time to say goodbye to winter and embrace the arrival of a new season with new fashion trends!

Based on runway trends this year, we’ve compiled the 5 must haves to get you through spring fashion! 


1. All things pink: this year girly girls can seriously rejoice! From bubblegum pink to neon, if you’ve got something in your wardrobe, chances are it is hot and you can embrace the hue! Check out these Edeille flats at Spring for $39.99 in Fuschia. 

2. Graphic Tees: we think it’s safe to say most people have a few t-shirts tucked into the back of their closest with their favorite buzzword or slogan on it. If this is you, pull those babies out of your drawers because whether you pair your tee with boyfriend jeans or skirts it works for us. We found this cool vibes tee for $14.50 at Ardene!


3. Floral and Flirty: 2017 Spring is serving florals that are bold and bright. Whether it’s a dress or blouse print, it’s bringing us to life this season. We love this floral caged dress from Urban Planet. A great find for $42.99.


4. Statement Stripes: stripes are everywhere this spring! Easy to style and pair, almost everyone is offering this pattern.  Whether it’s on top or bottom, it works! These wide leg trousers from Le Chateau for $99.95 are to die for.


5. Squared Shoulder Blazerremember when padded shoulders were huge? Well they made a big come back and the square shoulders are Spring statement pieces that you can wear during the work week and on the weekends. Hit two birds with one stone with this striped blazer cape from Urban Planet on sale now for $40.00


The new Spring trends are fun,cute and they can be reworked into different outfits making sure you look on point all season long! Happy Spring!


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