Back to School: Health & Wellness

August 17, 2017


You might be feeling a little sad that summer is coming to an end and even a little nervous that your not so little ones are heading back to school but luckily these feelings will only stick around for a little while. Soon enough, schedules will be colliding, the chaos will begin and you will need to ensure that you are feeling recharged and ready to take on the world! Luckily for you, our friends at Sangsters have provided us with a few suggestions on supplements that will have you and your kids feeling your best!


Suggestions for Parents:

Multi Vitamins

Health is wealth and vitamins and minerals are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. The first supplement they suggest is a Women’s/Men’s Multi Vitamin.



The benefits of a multi vitamin are endless but are specifically great for the relief of stress and anxiety. They help to increase energy and prevent diseases.


Super Energize

With the kids back to school, many parents are often tackling multiple tasks while also working and trying to find just a moment alone. Having energy is imperative. Sangsters has just the solution! Check out Super Energize. It’s a potent combination of herbs to boost natural energy levels.



It includes benefits such as increased energy, preventing fatigue and building your immune system.


Omega 3 Fish Oils

In addition to being energized, being your best mentally and physically are extremely important too. This is where the Omega 3 Fish Oils come in handy!



Not only do they improve concentration, they can benefit in preventative measures as well as treat heart disease. In addition, they are great for reducing joint pain and swelling.


Suggestions for Kids:


Multi Vitamins + DHA

As children grow up, they are constantly developing the need for multivitamins as well as minerals to ensure they grow up to be healthy and strong. Our friends at Sangsters suggest the following additions to help your kids feel their best daily.


A Children’s Multivitamin is a great supplement in addition to all of those healthy breakfast and lunch meals you provide daily. They are nutritious, are rich in Vitamin D which promotes growth and development of bones and teeth. Perfect for building a strong immune system and increasing energy, they will ensure that your child’s health stays on track and ready to perform.


If you want to take this one step further, try Kids DHA. Its chewable fish oil and it helps nourish the mind and body. It’s great for strong bones, teeth and eyes and the best benefit, it has no fishy taste!



For more information on how you can kick start your school year, visit Sangsters! Not only can they provide you with more information, visit them now until September 10th and take advantage of the Buy One, Get One at Half Price deal! Buy one product at regular price from the Sangsters or Renew Life Brand and get the second identical product at ½ price!



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