Back to School: Tips and Tricks

August 24, 2017


Can you believe it’s almost time to go back to school? Summer is nearing its end and we can’t believe how quick fall is approaching! Heading back to school involves a lot of new morning routines, lunches, homework, new school supplies and of course that first day back! It’s not always easy but we’ve put together a list to help you master day one!


1. Pick out the perfect outfit.

Most of the ‘Back to School’ nerves begin with not knowing what to wear on your first day back! Start planning your outfit early so that you are well prepared. Lay out all of your possible choices to see what will work best.  Scrambling the night before can be chaotic and causes unnecessary stress! 



2. Start with a fresh new notebook.

There is nothing like a fresh clean notebook to start off your first day being back to school. It’s the perfect way to clean the slate and keep organized. We are in love with the notebooks at Coles! They have a great selection of spiral notebooks that can inspire you! Check them out and see for yourself! Here are two of our favorites:



3. Start your day with a healthy breakfast

On the first day of school, be sure you wake up a few minutes earlier to start your day off right. Start your morning with a smoothie, omelet or even some oatmeal. You will need something filling that will give you fuel and ensure you are alert all day long.

Getting back to that early am routine can be tough and there will be days where you will find yourself rushing out the door. Stock up your locker with quick on the go snacks like these FITJOY bars from GNC. Easy to carry and they pack a lot of flavor! 



4. Pick up some basic supplies and wait until you have your school supply list.

Don’t worry about having all of your supplies on day one. Most often, people bulk up and have to go back for specific items that your school requires. Head to Dollarama and check out their wall for the basics. Restock when you know exactly what you need!



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