Bridal Accessory Trends 2017

January 27, 2017


Any bride-to-be knows there is no better feeling than saying yes to the dress! You’ve been dreaming about this moment for years and it’s finally here.  Now that you have the dress, it’s time to complete your look! Accessorizing doesn’t always have to be expensive and we’ve compiled a few of our favorite trends that are budget friendly to give your bank account a break.

The Choker – it’s official. The 90’s choker has returned and it’s back in a big way. Sticking to the classic? Try a lace or embellished choker. If you are looking for something more daring, velvet chokers make a bold contrast on a white dress.  Wide chokers are best with gowns that are strapless or have plunging necklines. If your gown has lots of volume, try a simple, smaller choker to provide some balance. 



The Headband –another blast from the past for 2017! Headbands add beautiful detailing to your finished look and they work with your hair up or down! If you are aiming for chic and regal, try wearing your headband closer to your hairline. Sparkle and metallic bands make great additions for evening look and floral is best for a spring daytime ceremony. 



The Pair of Earrings – earrings are a must whether you are planning an up or down do. Earring climbers which trace your outer ear are best showcased if you are leading towards keeping your locks up. If are keeping them down, try the classic chandelier.  For a bolder statement, try the shoulder duster earring –the chandeliers big sister.



The Perfect Shoes – A flawless finish from head to toe. Depending on your dress style, options for the perfect pair (heels or not) are endless! Some of our favorites include: the Nude  - perfect for the elegant and classic bride, the Peek A Boo – works wonders on adding a vintage touch to your special day, Tasseled – for the fashionista who wants extravagance and luxury, the embellished – truly unique and one of a kind and the sparkle - the Cinderella.




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