Canada's 150 #DYK

May 25, 2017


To commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday, we wanted to share some great success stories and ‘did you knows’ about our country and our fellow Canadian’s that might surprise you! Here’s our top 10!


Did you know?: 

1. On Canada Day, July 1st 1980, ‘O Canada’ was proclaimed the National Anthem of Canada, 100 years after its debut performance in 1880.


2.The Trans-Canada Highway between Victoria, BC and St. John's, NF is the world's longest national highway with a length of 7,821 kilometers.


3. Starting from a single store in St. John’s Newfoundland, Bentley has quickly grown since its early beginnings in 1987. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, not only has the company become a pioneer for retail luggage, but it’s synonymously tied to Canadian travel and adventure.


4. Canada is home to over 36 million people.


5. 77 % of the worlds maple syrup is made in Quebec

6. Banff is Canada’s oldest National Park established in 1885.


7. Canada has the world’s longest coastline at 202,080 kilometers. 


8. The zipper was invented in Canada in 1917, and the Lightning Fastener Company in Ontario first manufactured it. 


9. Due to their warmth, Mukluks are a Canadian style staple. Traditionally, the First Nations community made the boot from hide


10. Founded in 1982 as an accessories and jewelry retailer, Ardene opened its doors as a small 500 sq. ft. boutique in a shopping centre near Montreal, QC. Now three generations later, not only has Ardene’s product lines grown to include clothing, footwear, intimates and active wear, but its locations have expanded to over 400 stores across North America. Today, Ardene has successfully carved out its space in the Canadian retail landscape by offering fashionable products for young women at an affordable price


As part of our Canada 150 celebrations, don't forget, from now until May 31st; take a photograph in front of our Canada 150 art installation, located near the Family Park, and you could win a trip for two for 6 nights to a Canadian city of your choice! To enter, all you need to do is post your photograph on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #FacesofMBM. Good luck! For more details click here!

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