DIY Organization Hacks to Keep Your House Clean!

April 27, 2017


So you’ve finally completed your spring cleaning! What now? How do you make sure your clean space stays that way? Staying organized isn’t as hard as it seems and with these tips and consistency you can ensure your time invested in cleaning isn’t wasted! 


Organize Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to cleaning, half the battle tends to be remembering where you stored all of your cleaning supplies the last time you cleaned! To make it easy, set up a tension rod under your sink to double storage and hang bottles easily. 


Organizing Mail or Stray Papers

Tired of looking at all the paper clutter? This is a simple solution that will keep your tidy counters clean and chaos free. Use an old cereal box wrapped in decorative paper and hang it on the fridge. It's easy accessible and tucks away all those loose papers you don't want on your counter space. 


Easy Extra Storage Space

If you are in a smaller space, sometimes it is much harder to find a space to store easy to lose supplies. The fix? Fill small jars with tacks, nails, buttons or whatever it is you need to store then attach the lid of each jar to the underside of a shelf. It's just that easy! Instant storage without wasting any shelf space. This works great in the washroom too for any bobby pins, hair ties etc. 


Magnets for Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are known to usually be the place of storage for any medication, cream, tweezers, scissors and nail clipper. When you can't find somewhere to put your nail polish, make up or shaving kits they usually end up in there too. In our experience, clutter = chaos and things are no where to be found when you really need them! This fix is easy and ensures everything you need stays in plain sight.


We hope these work for you and would love to hear your DIY tips on keeping your home organized!  


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