Fave Makeup and Beauty Tips & Tricks

March 30, 2017


Makeup is always a great tool to help enhance your natural beauty. For some it’s about confidence and for others it’s artistic expression. We’ve pulled together some tips and tricks that can help you’re your beauty regiment a lot easier!

Tip # 1: Face Products -what comes first?

TIP # 2: How to correct a nasty blemish -start with moisturizer, then use concealer, foundation and powder. 

Tip # 3: Contour like a pro! 

Tip # 4: Plump Up Those Lips 

Tip # 5: Understanding powder and foundation 

Tip # 6: Eyeliner Styles

Tip # 7: Winged Eye Liner -How to


From cat eyes to metallic and smokey neutrals, which makeup trend will you be rocking at grad this year? Click the link for some additional beauty inspiration http://www.seventeen.com/beauty/makeup-skincare/g1814/prom-makeup/


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