Grad 2018 Dress Trends

March 08, 2018


Spring is around the corner and ‘Grad 2018’ is approaching ever so quickly!  That being said, it’s never too early to begin searching for your perfect grad dress. If you are just beginning your quest, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.



Not to worry, we’ve compiled some of our favorite top trends to look out for. Whether you are following one or combining a few, the options for 2018 are limitless!


1. Velvet – this beautiful fabric brings an elegance timeless look for grad. It bridges old with new. Current colors that we love are deep emerald greens, regal navy blues and ruby reds.



2. Fringe – a movement on and off the runway. It’s no surprise that fringe has made it’s come back. Dripping in rich detail, there’s no way you won’t be the center of attention.


3. Ruffles – this particular trend comes in many different forms and trims. Whether you are sticking with something short, long, layered or trained, you are definitely going to be catching everyone’s eye.



3. Sequins have always been a go to for anyone who wants to enter a party making a statement. Similar to the velvets, in addition to the usual gold and silvers, colored sequins such as emerald green, navy and burgundy are a must this season.



5. Off the Shoulder – subtly romantic, of the shoulder dresses are taking over the fashion scene. Whether you are in a mermaid dress, a crop top and skirt or embracing lots of ruffles with a cut out back, this style is one of the hottest looks of the season.


Be sure to check us out at Gowntown, All dresses will be available for purchase for just $10 cash to graduating students with a valid student ID on April 7, 8, 14 & 15 from 12-4PM.  And remember, we are currently collecting dresses and will be until April 6th! See you there!


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