Kickoff to Kindness 2018!

January 04, 2018


After the holiday season and the New Year celebrations, it’s now that time when we begin to plan our year ahead. At Marlborough Mall, we want you to start 2018 off right! To jumpstart the year with a bang, we are asking everyone to join us in our Kickoff to Kindness.



Being kind can make someone else’s day but it can also make yours. When you are kind, it’s a win - win situation. Here’s what you gain from being kind to others:

  •  It makes you happy. Studies have shown that being good to others actually makes you feel happier.
  •  Its good for the heart! Research shows that kindness leads to emotional warm which causes the brain to release oxytocin – the feel-good hormone.
  •  It’s inspiring to others. When we are kind, it’s contagious and creates domino effect where one person’s generosity spreads to those receiving and watching.



Unsure how to start: here’s a list of a few ways you can be kind today: 

  • Hold the door open.
  • Buy someone a coffee.
  • Pay a few compliments.
  • Smile more often.
  • Express your gratitude
  • Help someone carry their grocery bags or packages
  • Be a snow angel and help someone shovel their snow.
  •  Purge your closet and donate items to a shelter.
  • Volunteer for a nonprofit group.
  • Show our planet some love and pick up some garbage off the ground.


For the month of January, submit a photo of yourself being kind using #mbmwins and #bekindmbm for your chance to win 1 of 4 $100 Marlborough Mall Gift Cards. To increase your odds, Pick up a #bekindmbm sticker at customer service, use it in the photo and get an extra submission! We look forward to seeing how you are kind this month! 


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