October 12, 2017


My husband and I love going shopping together. Call us weird, but it is a fun bonding experience that is all about us. Sorry kids, mommy and daddy need some time alone. Usually when we shop I buy 2 or three items for every piece of clothing he gets. Mostly because I fall in love with everything, but also because finding quality, fashion-forward men's clothing can be a daunting task.

Marlborough Mall makes shopping easy with a wide choice of men's options. If you are like my husband and are looking to refresh your wardrobe,  make sure to follow these simple tips for impeccable style all fall long.



1. Incorporate pattern

Throughout the dark winter months, it can be hard to wear anything but black and navy blue. They are safe colours, but can quickly become stale. This fall, look for great patterns that express your personality and draw attention. I love to see men in a bold print with neutral colours. It really makes a statement as you walk into any room.

This button-down shirt is the perfect option for fall as it uses light polka dots on a deep blue background. It can easily be dressed up or down making it a great wardrobe staple.



2. Colourful pants

These days coloured pants are becoming acceptable for men. When choosing colourful pants pick a colour that is rich and deep. A rich deep green, purple, or red can act as a neutral in your wardrobe. This will make it easier to mix and match more items in your closet all year long. Once you build up an arsenal of great colours, you will quickly find that you become the best dressed among your friends. Don't be afraid to take the plunge. If you are hesitant to go bold, try starting out with a lighter blue pant.



3. Protect your new shoes

After the first snow; you have to make sure to protect your shoes from the ice melting salt. One wrong step and your leather shoes will be reduced to white streaky messes! Always make sure to buy shoe spray to keep your kicks fresh all fall and winter long.

A great colour to wear in the winter is brownish-grey. It will help hide unfortunate mishaps and take you through winter in style.


Bonus tip! Accessorize

Tastefully accessorize with bold neutral coloured bracelets. This will elevate your style. Why? Because women notice details. If you have the right accessories, the right people will notice.



Jameela is a proud Calgarian and the owner of Alora Boutique. She is the mother of two lovely little girls and has a passion for sustainable and Canadian made fashion. Through bold colour and fun patterns, Jameela shows you that you can be stylish, and socially conscious at the same time. 

Stay tuned for more guest blogs and more advice on fashion, food, lifestyle and more! 


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