Mother’s Day Gifts #wehaveit

May 10, 2017

Looking for a special gift for Mother’s Day? If your Mom hasn’t dropped hints on any favorites, it might be tough to figure out what she really wants. Whether she loves fashion, home trends, health or beauty, we have some favorites that will do the trick.  

Thinking of sticking to the basic flowers and chocolate? Amp it up with something pretty from the Quo collection at Shopper’s Drug Mart. You’ll be the best kid ever!



Summer’s here and maybe Mom needs help rolling in with the essentials:  Ardene has all the slides and sandals she’ll need all season long.



Upgrade Mom - buy one, two or all three! Visit Bentley Leathers for wallets, purses or business bags. They are 30% off now until May 14th!!



Sometimes Mom needs a reset and a health pick me up. Visit Sangster’s and pick up ReCleanse – a 7 day herbal cleanse that will help her feel lean, clean and ready for Spring!



Spoil MOM this Mother’s Day with the Hidden Gems collection! Each candle comes with a jewelry surprise worth anywhere from $10 to $5000! You can find it at Showcase!


Coffee or tea? This unique beautifully handcrafted set is sure to please. Visit Fancy Label the newest member of Marlborough Mall and check out this set and more!


We hope you enjoyed our favorites and Happy Mother’s Day!!

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