July 27, 2017


As summer heats up and temperatures continue to rise, it’s no secret that grilling season is in full swing! With the sun blazing, it only makes sense to turn up the heat in your backyard and really enjoy that quality time spent with friends and family. Use our list of tips to help you throw together your easiest BBQ yet.


1. Bugs off with Buzz Off

When the suns out to stay, most of the time bugs come out to play and there is nothing more irritating than a buzzing mosquito in your ear. Many people choose repellants like candles and coils but when you are setting up for a meal, an odorless option is best. This buzz off mosquito repellent keychain can be found at Coles for $11.00. Since its solar powered, you can use this for 2-4 hours of protection and it emits high pitched frequency sounds keeping bugs away! 



2. BBQ Variety

Everyone group of people have different preferences when it comes to BBQ, some people want chicken, some people want beef so the easiest option is to offer a variety of selections. M & M Meat Mark offers an amazing BBQ Variety pack! It’s everything you need to feed the whole gang. Each package comes with their famous Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts and their Prime Rib Beef Burgers. You receive 10-12 pieces for only $17.99. 



3. Add some flare

If you are going to be cooking up the BBQ Variety Pack, you are already doing a great job of offering a variety to your guests. What’s great about the pack is that both the beef and chicken can be placed into warm toasty buns and serve as burgers. We suggest that you add some flare into your burger condiments! For example, mix together 1 part Sriracha and 3 parts Mayonnaise to create a spicy mayo. Another option that is cool, refreshing and perfect for summer is a lime, cilantro aioli. It’s as easy as combining cilantro, lime and garlic with mayonnaise!

Make sure you have enough condiments around the table by using these mini squeeze bottles (only $1.25) from Dollarama! By filling the clear squeeze bottles with your aioli or your spicy mayo, you can easily showcase your kicked up condiment! 



4. Cold Bevvies

Every BBQ requires a selection of cold beverages and our favorites right now are the Raspberry Limeade and Summer Lemonade from Teavana. Consider these two your new summer sidekicks! Everyone loves lime/lemonades. Each tin makes approx. 45-60 cups of tea and can be purchased for $45.00. The Raspberry Limeade is a blend of 5 types of berries, lemon, lime and orange and the Summer Lemonade is a unique lemon refresher with hints of pineapple, orange and white hibiscus. 



5. Mason Jar Sides and Desserts

Having people over can be a bit overwhelming and chaotic if you aren’t prepared but we’ve come up with a perfect solution so that your only concern when having your BBQ to host your guests and fire up your grill. Prepare side dishes and desserts before your guests arrive so they are ready to go and only need to be served up with a fork or spoon. Purchase mason jars at Dollarama; we found these sets of 3 for $3. These can be reused and will really allow you to spend more time hosting then prepping when guests arrive.

Prepare Salads by layering your salad dressing on the bottom of the salad, adding your additional veggies and top with your lettuce. When it’s time to serve, shake jars to mix and coat all your greens and voila! Your guests can eat their salads right out of the jars.

You can do the same for desserts with any recipe! Just make sure if it’s a baked dessert you allow time for the jars to cool before serving! 



We hope you enjoyed our tips and remember, you can find everything above and more at Marlborough Mall! We have it! Happy BBQing!! 

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