Pick The Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

March 16, 2017


Finding the perfect dress can often seem like quite the daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled some basic guidelines that can help you say “yes” to your grad dress!


The Hourglass: Curvy with a tiny waist – the goal here is to highlight your curves, not hide them. Since your bust and hips are proportionate to each other, accentuate your best asset!  Look for a fitted, wrap, bodycon or waist defining dresses.


The Apple: if you are shaped like an apple you most often have a slim lower body and carry your weight around your mid section. The goal here is to highlight your shoulders and your legs. Dresses to consider: embellishment focused on the top of the dress, empire waists and an A line which can help camouflage any middle if you have one!














The Rectangle: if your hips are around the same size as your waist your body shape is a rectangle.  The goal for you is to highlight the thinnest part of your waist to enhance your hips and bust.  Dresses which work best for this are: fitted, have an empire waist and an asymmetric neckline or have a slit to help add some dimension.  Cutout dresses are also great because the inward lines help make your waist look smaller in proportion to bust and hips.

The Pear: if the widest part of your body is around your hips you are most likely a pear. Elongating and balancing your figure is important. Focus on accentuating your top half to create a balance to your hips. Dresses that are perfect for this are fitted open neck or a strapless  with an A line.


Use these tips on April 9th from 12 - 4 when we will be hosting our Gowntown Event! All dresses will be available for purchase for just $10 to students with a valid student ID. We have also called out to all Calgarians to donate their gently used or brand new dresses. You can donate your dresses up until April 8 at Customer Service and as an incentive contributors will receive a ballot to enter to win a $250 Marlborough Mall gift card. For more information visit www.marlboroughmall.com/events/marlborough-gowntown-dress-collection​ 



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