Post Halloween Candy Detox

November 02, 2017


Did you overindulge this Halloween? If you celebrated Halloween this week, you may have taken part in the following activities:  went to a Halloween party over the weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday), Trick or Treated, devoured all items at the Halloween potluck at work and eaten candy prior to, during and even after all of these events took place. Not to worry, if you said yes to any of the above statements, you are not alone. Although this spooky season is mainly for the kids, adults are known to take part in candy consumption and if you feel the same way we do, it’s time for your body to rid all of that sugar! Follow these easy steps for our Halloween Detox:



1) Stay hydrated: go easy on the salt and be sure to drink lots of water! Not only is it important for energy, It will help you flush out the sugar in your system.



2) Stay away from sugar: the more you eat, the more you will crave! If you want something sweet, reach for some fresh fruits and veggies instead of all the leftover Halloween candy!



3) Eat better! You’ve been running your body on processed, unhealthy ‘junk’ and your body needs to retrain itself to crave for good, healthy, nutrient filled foods instead of the opposite! Remember, you are what you eat!



4) Get active and stay active! In order to rid the toxins from your body, your body needs to release. The easiest way to do this is to sweat! Through activities such as running, dance, walking, whether it’s easy, moderate or advanced, the more you sweat, the quicker you’ll feel like your normal, better self!



Do you have a detox method that works for you? Let us know how you detox after Halloween! 

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