Spring Cleaning 101

May 17, 2018


Summer is in full effect and the temperatures are at an all-time high. This year, it seems as though winter just left the building and summer made a dramatic entrance. With spring being momentary, we’ve completely overlooked our annual cleaning and with the great weather, we don’t think anyone wants to be stuck indoors overwhelmed with housework. We’ve compiled a spring cleaning guide to make things quick and simple! 


You may have heard the quote “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” by Winston Churchill. The better organized you are, the easier the process will be! Set clear goals. We suggest making two lists, the first including all items you want to tackle and two, the supplies you require to get your cleaning done.



Get your tools in order. Now that you have your list of supplies you need to get your cleaning done, save valuable time by making up a ready-to-go cleaning kit. Use an inexpensive shower caddy, fill it with your products and carry it so that when you travel from room to room you have everything on hand as you need it! 



Tackle each room one at a time. Start each room by purging and decluttering. Let go of the items you don’t need and minimalize what you keep to those items that you truly wear or require. Many of us are holding onto items we’ve worn once several years ago. Something that makes this process even easier is asking a friend for moral support and donating! Having a friend on hand helps you get out of your head and stops you from hoarding all your unwanted items while donating is a great feeling. Our charity of choice for donations is Women In Need Society! 



Once the purge is completed, organize items so they are neat, easy accessible and less chaotic. Store your most used items at eye level, less used items below and least used items up high.  



Now comes the cleaning! Since things are de-cluttered and organized, your task at hand should be much easier to tackle.  Grab your handy, dandy tool kit and work top to bottom. Wipe down furniture with a dusting spray and a microfiber cloth. When vacuuming, work your way backwards out of the room so that you can start at one end and complete the room. Shut the door and move onto the next! 



 Have lemons on hand. Lemons are the greatest gift and hack when it comes to cleaning, you can use them in so many ways such as: cleaning your microwave (no scrubbing required), polishing copper, freshen up your garbage disposal, clean and deodorize containers or just to shine up chrome faucets! 



We hope our guide helps you tackle your spring cleaning! Do you have some spring cleaning tips you would like to share? Tag us on social media @marlboroughmall and let us know what your cleaning tips are, we would love to hear from you!

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