March 23, 2017


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away women of all ages worked tirelessly on finding the newest, coolest fashionable hairstyles. These masterpieces included styles such as: crimping, flipping, feathering, mini buns and clips, lots and lots of clips.

Here are our favorite throwbacks and a glimpse of what the 90s were made of:

Butterfly Clips: the most sacred accessory of all. These butterfly clips made their way into all hairstyles. You could never go wrong with wings!

Crimping: Although crimping isn’t easy, they were definitely worn in the 90s. If you didn’t have a crimper, you were going to bed with wet braided hair hoping to wake up to what could be a pretty chic hairstyle if done right.  

The DJ Tanner Bangs - These fluffy, perky bangs were a 90s hit and the bigger the bangs, the better the hair!

Clips and Cornrows -One clip, two clips, three clips, four.  That’s not enough, I need more! Although not everyone can rock this look, we are pretty positive most girls tried.  

The Rachel -The 90s wouldn’t be complete without Jennifer Aniston and her infamous do. This classic was iconic to the set of Friends and quickly became the coolest trend in households across the world!

Stressing over how to do your hair for grad? No need to panic, we’ve found 30 stunning grad hairstyles you can actually DIY. Click the link for your beauty inspiration: http://www.seventeen.com/prom/g2060/prom-hairstyle-inspiration/



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