The Benefits of Being Kind

January 25, 2018


Throughout the month of January, we’ve invited Calgarians to join us in our Kickoff to Kindness. We wanted to start 2018 off with a bang and focus our energy in doing better to people and for people.  The truth is, sometimes it’s a challenge to go beyond the norm to really be nice and help others. The great news is being kind to others has benefits for you too. Here’s a few ways on how helping out your fellow colleagues, friends, family or strangers brings value to your life too! 



You are happier when you are kind.

Although the intention may be slightly selfish, being nice helps in our favor as well. Smiles are contagious and kindness works in the same way! When you do something nice for someone, your mood is instantly boosted. 



You will have better relationships.

Kindness nurtures bonding between people in turn leading to better relationships. Not only does it facilitate development of new ones, it also strengthens existing ones.



You inspire others to show kindness. 

When you do a good deed, you inspire others to be kind. In 2014, a customer at a drive-through Starbucks window paid for the coffee of the person in the car behind her. This started a “pay it forward” chain of 378 people who volunteered to pay for the drinks and food of the next customer.



As a reminder, from now until January 31, your act of kindness will go further than ever! For every act of kindness photo shared using the hashtag #bekindmbm & #mbmwins and tagged to @MarlboroughMall and we will donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities® Southern Alberta. To make things even sweeter, when you post your act of kindness, you will be entered to win 1 of 4 $100 MBM Gift Cards. 


Go on, be kind! 

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