Tips to Get Through Black Friday With Ease!

November 16, 2017


Black Friday – the day of deals galore! There are three types of shoppers when it comes to Black Friday – the strategist, the flustered and the nonexistent.  As much as most love the day, let’s face it, it can be overwhelming. If you are going to go Black Friday shopping, you should have a plan in place and we’re here to help! Check out our tips to get you organized and ready for your Black Friday day!



1) Don’t Get Hangry

If you are heading out to shop on Black Friday, ensure you have a big breakfast to tie you over and have snacks in your bag for the day! The day is going to be filled with long lines and the last thing you want to be is HANGRY. After your day is done, head to the food court and treat yourself to a meal!



2) Go easy on the hydration

We are all for the hydration and for 364 days, keep the water flowing! But on Black Friday, the last thing you want to be doing is over drinking and having to pop into the washroom all day. Hold off on the beverages until you’ve made your major purchases that you just can’t live without.



3) Prepare a budget and stick to it

Before heading out the door to take part in a Black Friday shopping spree, make sure you know how much you can afford to spend. Choose your must have items and gifts first. Be sure to have a number in mind for the max amount you can spend. Once you have that number in mind, stick to it! It’s easy to make impulse purchases especially when you feel you have been saving all day. The last thing you want to feel is buyer’s remorse.



4) Know what you are getting into

If you have items in mind, turn to your social media channels and follow your favorite stores! Just by watching social media channels, you can see what the savings are really about as well as be more informed on items that you may not have seen otherwise.



5) Be kind to everyone!  

This is especially important! As frustrating as lines can be – you signed up for the chaos! Remember, everyone is doing the best that they can do. Be nice to the sales associates, staff on site and your change room or line neighbor!



Be sure to check into our social media channels and for Black Friday deals in the mall and stay tuned to the blog next week where we will list all of the promotions taking place! Looking for deals all year round? We post ongoing mall promotions throughout the year at our website! Click here to see them all!

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