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When looking good matters: It's got to be Chatters!


Hot Right Now

Aug 01 - Aug 31

Show off your current mood with color shifting nail polish. LECHAT Mood Nail Polish, (15 ml) regular, $15.95 on for  $12.95 this month. Offer ends August 31, 2018.


Gift with Colour Service

Aug 01 - Aug 31

Choose between two gifts with your color service at Chatters Salon this month. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree or Special Shampoo - 300 ml, $17.53-$21.88 value. Or AG Hair shampoo/body wash, 355 ml, $20 value. Offer ends August 31st or while supplies last. 


Beauty Bonus

Aug 01 - Aug 31

This month with your minimum $50 retail purchase you can take home ‚Äčthe AG Hair Xtramoist Shampoo ( 296 ml) or AG Hair Thikk Wash Shampoo (296 ml) $20.00 value. Offer ends August 31st  or while supplies last.  

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